Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus – Surgical Sales 101

Medical Sales TrainingCourse objectives are intended to provide a foundation of knowledge and skill levels that will enable candidates to successfully compete for employment opportunities and enable them to accelerate their career objectives.



Week 1 – Anatomy and Vocabulary

Week 2 – Trauma and Bone Healing

Week 3 – Extremities and Sports Medicine

Week 4 – Sales Processes and Interview Skills

Week 5 – Operating Room Technique

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Graduates will receive certification of completion from the course and an objective evaluation of the necessary skills, effort level and technical knowledge they demonstrate during the training.

The five-week training combines on-line coursework, mentored, interactive conference calls and a weeklong session of didactic and practical training with lectures, visiting surgeon faculty, sawbones workshops and a cadaver lab in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Week 1 – Anatomy and Vocabulary

Course participants should review all pre-study materials in preparation for an Introductory Conference Call. Course objectives and expectations will be outlined, administrative procedures detailed and assignments for the week are presented.

The class will be instructed where appropriate reference materials and reading assignments can be located along with interactive resources to answer questions and offer guidance. A class roster is distributed and collaboration among course participants is encouraged.

First week assignments will include basic medical terminology, anatomy and sales techniques. Sales process assignments are supported by the downloadable forms provided.

Course participants should expect to spend 15 -20 hours each week to complete the assignments and prepare for the weekly graded exam.


Week 2 – Trauma and Bone Healing

Following a review of the previous week’s work, the conference call format will continue to build on the foundations of Week One. In this session a discussion of specific surgical procedures, indications and challenges are profiled, with assignments to include a detailed description of the assigned procedures.

An emphasis on orthopedic trauma procedures, such as, fractures and bone formation will guide learners through the surgical objectives and techniques commonly employed to treat accident victims. Learners are expected to understand the triage process, classification system for fractures and the biochemical components of bone formation.

Building on the Week One assignment, learners will begin gathering and organizing information which furthers their understanding of the procedures, surgical challenges, concerns and worries facing orthopedic surgeons treating trauma victims. Further, sales processes for delivering relevant information to surgeon clients will be introduced. Our downloadable forms guide the learner through the compilation of relevant information.

Course participants should expect to spend 20 hours completing the assigned course work and prepare for the weekly exam.


Week 3 – Extremities and Sports Medicine

Following the review of our trauma profiles, discussion will focus on the anatomy, diagnosis and treatment of degenerative disorders of foot and ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist. Again, profiling of several common surgical procedures to address arthritic changes in the small joints of the foot and hand will be covered and added to the learners’ resources and capabilities. Course participants will have a full understanding of the causes and processes of osteoarthritis.

Sports medicine procedures, which include the use of arthroscopic surgical techniques to repair ligaments, tendons and joint disorders, will add to the students’ knowledge base. Using on-line resources and video, course participants will observe and begin to understand the mechanism of injury, surgical indications and objectives of sports medicine procedures.

Application of this knowledge will aid in the development of the sales processes being developed targeting surgical practices in these specialties.

Course participants should expect to spend 20 hours completing the weekly assignments and prepare for the graded exam.


Week 4 – Sales Processes and Interview Skills

Week four assignments will build upon the territory targeting exercise from week one to further your development of customer profiles. Since the fundamental requirement of successful sales begins with “know your customer” students will learn to drill down into the professional accomplishments and personality traits of customers within their defined territory.

Guided by the comprehensive Sales Support Workbook, learners will then develop a series of sales calls designed to advance their client relationships and gain favorable attention.

Course participants will be instructed in proper interview preparation and techniques, which will give them a competitive advantage in the hiring process. Personalized attention to networking and job search activities are also provided.


Week 5 – Operating Room Technique

Week five is the culmination of the course, with all students meeting together at our surgical facility in Las Vegas, NV. The purpose of this week’s instruction is to provide the operating room experience students need couples with a review and expansion on the previous four week’s topics.

Selling skills development: To help learn sales networking and consultative selling skills, we role play and practice a variety of real-world situations. We’ll talk about sales territory management, sales pipelines, and other critical sales topics.

Operating room experience: An important part of entry level job preparation is to provide operating room technique and experience. We’ll cover sterile technique and operating room protocol and review hip, shoulder, and knee anatomy. Students will get to observe arthroplasty surgery, sports medicine surgery and small joints surgery. The class will provide hands-on surgical experience using both a wet and dry lab.


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