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Orthopedic sales reps frequently earn in excess of $200,000/year!

With training, there are many general entry-level medical jobs available to recent college graduates, such as pharmaceutical or medical supply sales. But it's in the surgical sales field where the most money can be earned and the top performers want to be.

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What is Surgical Sales?

Learn about the surgical sales career opportunity. How is surgical sales so different from the conventional sale positions you're familiar with? What valuable role in healthcare is addressed by this profession?


Why work in surgical sales?

You might be surprised as to why people enter this profession. There's more to a career than opportunity and compensation.


Industry facts and information

According to the most recent Medical Sales Job Report, April 2014, by, the number of medical device sales jobs is increasing. Learn about opportunities, salaries, and more.


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What is required to get started with an entry level job in this industry?

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Learn about 3 options that you have to get started as a surgical sales representative. We can help you get there faster and at lower cost, but it's your choice as how you choose to proceed.

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Medical sales is an incredible career path for many recent college graduates. Sure, there are some initial requirements you need to meet, but there's great opportunity once you've gained some experience.

Danielle L.

Entry level positions, less than 2 years experience, average an income of $95,662 with an average base salary of $63,110.

Source: 2014 Medical Sales Salary Report

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