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Medical Representative Interview QuestionsA critical step in landing your first entry level medical sales job will be, unsurprisingly, your interview. Interviewers are looking for the best candidates that can quickly be successful with their products. So while they want to see that you have the education, experience, skills and aptitude to be successful in this career field.

We’ve designed this page to give you an idea of the non-medical interview questions you will likely encounter in an interview for an entry-level position in medical sales. This topic is so important that we dedicate an entire section of our Five Week Introductory Course to medical sales interview questions and how to adopt successful interview principles and traits. We do this to make sure our students are not only prepared for, but excel in their interviews.

In addition to generic questions to help the interviewer understand your character, you’ll likely receive more specific questions that we find students often aren’t prepared to answer immediately or with confidence, such as the following example questions

Example Questions (non medical)

  1. Tell me about your education and experience as it relates to this position.
  2. Do you have any experience working in healthcare or sales?
  3. What would do you anticipate is a typical day for a medical sales representative?
  4. You are given a territory and a list of surgeons to call on. How would you organize and prioritize your call schedule?
  5. Assume you’re working with a surgeon. What do expect would be their concerns about the product you’re offering?
  6. Have you had any experience working in an operating room?
  7. Have you had any experience working with medical professionals?
  8. Why did you decide medical / pharmaceutical sales would be the right career fit for you?
  9. What are some techniques you’d use to get in touch with hard to reach doctors?
  10. How do you think you would get a surgeon to first consider and then switch to your product?

If you find yourself hesitating when answering these questions we encourage you to go through our complimentary medical sales action plan, designed to give you important information about getting started in medical sales. This plan also covers training options to prepare you for all aspects of starting a career in medical sales, including interview preparation.

The Close

You are interviewing for a sales job and closing the sale is a important skill in direct sales. So what better time to demostrate your closing skills than at the end of the interview?

Closing questions of your own are just as important as the answers you give. Having relevant questions in mind based on the direction of the interview can give you a distinct edge over other candidates, while also demonstrating your ability to sell and close at the same time. For example:

“What more do you need to see from me to pursue this?”

– A simple question like this not only lets the interviewer know that you are serious about the position, but also demonstrates that you are willing and able to close on a potential sale. In this case, you are selling yourself to the interviewer.

“Do you have any concerns about my qualifications?”

– This question shows Confidence and confronts any pending issues the interviewer may be having.

Interested in learning more? Key topics like these and so much more, which will give you your best chance for competing in this rewarding industry, are covered in our introductory course that is designed to get you job ready in just 5 weeks. Or, if you prefer, you can speak directly with an experienced sales rep about your best options to get started in this rewarding field.


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Body language, working quotas, closing tactics, handling rejection, relationship development with medical staff, and territory management are just a few of the key areas you should be familiar with when going into a medical representative interview.


This isn’t a complete list of questions. But these questions will help give you an idea of the types of medical sales interview questions you’ll need to prepare for prior to an interview. Knowing the right answers gives you the best chance of success and lets you stand out from your competitors.


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